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An innovative way to capitalize commercial real estate projects, PACE is a low-cost source of alternative equity. PACE can benefit your capital stack and increase project yields.

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New Construction
& Adaptive Reuse

Build at or above local energy code and unlock PACE financing for around 10%-20% of project hard costs. Using PACE does not preclude developers from capturing energy rebates, further increasing the economic benefit of PACE.

Existing Buildings
& CapEx Projects

PACE can finance the replacement of end-of-life building materials. Whether its adaptive reuse or everyday CapEx, PACE can finance up to 100% of the project costs with no out-of-pocket from the building owner.

Renewable Energy

& Green BuildingS

PACE funds 100% of the costs associated with renewable energy improvements such as solar, grey water and geothermal. PACE helps landlords take the extra step toward energy independence and lower operating expenses.


Equity alternative

Reduce owner cash equity with long term, fixed-rate financing covering up to 100% of project costs. 

Lowers Cost of Funds

Originated at a fraction of the cost of equity, preferred equity, and mezzanine debt.

Pass Through Expense

As a tax special assessment, PACE is often recoverable from tenants.

Cash Flow Positive

Reduced utilities and operating expenses often outweigh the annual PACE interest payments.

Promotes Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Facilitates energy efficient & renewable energy projects which may otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Off balance sheet opportunity

PACE is a special assessment and owners should consult to determine if off-balance sheet treatment is applicable.

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Building envelope 

Windows, insulation, foundation, glazing & more

Boilers & chillers

Hot water, replace end-of-life equipment & heating upgrades

Automated building controls

Combined heat/power systems, variable speed on motors, pumps & fans


Full overlays, upgrades for solar installation

High efficiency lighting

LED and low wattage lights & associated install costs

HVAC upgrades

Energy efficient upgrades and retrofitting

Water conservation

Low-flow fixtures & associated install costs, reclamation systems

Renewable energy

Solar, wind & geothermal energy

Seismic retrofit

Existing structure & foundation modifications

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