PACE helps you achieve your ESG goals by making sure you can finance the things that matter to your triple bottom line. PACE covers sustainability and resiliency upgrades, for both new buildings and existing buildings.

Finance your sustainable improvements with PACE

Whether it’s a simple roof replacement or a net-zero Living Building, PLG helps you make your buildings more energy-efficient, less wasteful, more sustainable, and last longer. Our role in commercial real estate is to help you ground communities with buildings that improve the spaces that they inhabit.

PLG’s ESG Impact

No matter what you build, build it to last. Build it to give back to future generations. Since our founding in 2017, our investment in energy and water efficiency through PACE loans has resulted in over 1 billion kWh total electricity savings, over 1 billion gallons of water saved, and over $300 million in projected efficiency savings. We’re invested in C-PACE because we provide environmental benefits for our communities while providing accretive solutions for commercial real estate development projects.

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Certify Your Investment with Building Accredations

As direct lenders for sustainability-focused improvements, we are focused on creating ease of access for developers nationwide to build sustainability into their commercial real estate projects. We help make sustainable upgrades affordable and accretive to the capital stack. We are partnered with Green Building Initiative to help our clients get credit for their work and recognition for their buildings.

Interested in using PACE financing to achieve Green Globes Certification? Contact us here.